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About this website

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The content on this website is solely written by Richard 👋

The site itself is powered by the blazing-fast and open source (free to use) Bludit CMS. Bludit unique features are that it use a flat-file-way of storing content. This makes it really easy to install (because you don't need an old fashioned database), just unzip it on a server (with PHP installed) and you are good to go.

Want to see a demo and try Bludit yourself?

Bludit comes with 20-ish themes at the moment. This doesn't seem a lot but you only need one right? 😉 If you know some PHP and HTML you will be able to quickly make your own themes for Bludit.
I have chosen to use the DevTheme made by BlThemes. With some minor tweaks / additions to the theme though, because it has to be perfect for me....

For Bludit I recommend using the Download Plugins and the Theme Download (you will have to upload these to your server to in the corresponding folder). After you have done this you won't really need to upload stuff manually and more because then you can easily install plugins or try out themes from the admin-side.

About the author:

Richard Duinmaijer